paoliGroup provides solutions that simplify and optimize the business process of its customers.

Bringing products and services that suit the requirements of each market, the business units that make paoliGroup have the ability to provide equipment, parts, supplies and raw materials that satisfy the specific needs of the Heavy Industry fields.



Managing the latest technologies in materials, paoliGroup develops products that improve process performance.

Optimizing the performance of those critical components and increasing life times, obtaining high levels of efficiency and productivity to achieve a substantial reduction in operating costs and maintenance.

The successive phases of Co-Engineering and Development…

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Thanks to its extensive capabilities in the field of metalworking, paoliGroup is able to bring an optimal product for every Heavy Industry sector.

The local production capacity and technological skills that contribute all paoliGroup associated companies, guarantee flexibility, responsiveness and continuity of supply that require those more critical and demanding processes.

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paoliGroup complements the supply of its products, providing after sales service and operational monitoring in the field.

Additionally, it has the capacity to carry out the execution of those periodic work repair and maintenance operations that fit to the specific needs of each client.

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paoliGroup knows in depth the demanding market dynamics and understands the criticality involving sustained without interruptions…


Participating at the various operations of the oil industry, from the activities of E&P to the Downstream…


paoliGroup has the ability to supply forged components, machined and heat-treated according to design and…


paoliGroup acts in the field of raw materials, supplying a wide range of carbon steels and special materials as well as Stainless…


paoliGroup provides equipment and tooling systems for cutting operations Tunneling, microtunneling and drilling…


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